Terms & Conditions of 1K Express

1K Express is a Fantasy team Provider application which is currently providing the Match News Updates, It’s suggestions and some features through membership plan and monthly subscription services which help those who play contests in Fantasy sports websites such as- Dream11, Myteam11, and others. We provide our 1K Express services through Android and IOS App only. It is running by the partnership of Dream11pandit.com

Here are the Terms & Conditions for those who using 1K Express App

1. Anyone can be a user of 1K Express Service who follows it’s rules & regulations.

2. Users should be aware of advantage and disadvantage of playing fantasy games, we do not forcefully encourage anybody to go for it.

3. We do not take any guaranty to let you win any contests at Fantasy Gaming Websites.

4. Here in this app you only get pro updates, all features are only our suggestions and our best efforts to help you out.

5. We are not responsible for any kind of Financially or Mentally loss you suffered.

6. The money accepted through Membership Plans from our Pro Users is neither refundable (After 24 hours of Membership joining date) nor transferable.

7. 1K Express admins have rights to cancel the membership of any member due to abusive language or any other misbehave with us or our users.

8. We are an autonomous organization and not connected with any other group or organization.

9. Once we receive your payment to join the membership, it can take 12 to 24 hours to activate your login details.

10. Your joining fee will be neither Refundable nor Transferable at any condition(If you do not take refund policy method)

11. You can’t send any spam message to our staff members and our membership users.

12. Don’t try to sell/share our teams with others.

13. If you take refund policy service in 1K express, you need to claim within 24 hours of the joining date, Otherwise, it will expire automatically.

14. You need to contact our support staff for any quires and any technical issue complaints.

15. We can an increase or decrease our plan rates at any time based on the current economic view of 1K Expres.